Okay, I am gonna tell you this straight out. A friend of mine asked me to blog about how awesome he is. Now I suppose I can’t just classify him as a friend – he is my sister’s boyfriend – so I guess some sort of familial guilt made me feel obliged (please note: his modesty will not be an attributing characteristic to his awesomeness).

So let us begin…

I guess – as you can see from the picture to the left – he has huge muscles. I mean who wouldn’t swoon over that 6 pack (it might be an 8-pack, I’m unsure). He outdoes Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and even Christian Bale in his portrayal -without even using steriods. Do you believe it? Perhaps he could be batman in the next one of the series – of course we’d have to get Alfred to update his suit.

He wants a girlfriend with skills. When Valentine’s Day rolled around last year – he didn’t want to take the traditional route and buy candy, flowers, etc. etc. He wanted something useful. When his lovely ladies’ gal-pals or co-workers inquired about what he got her for Valentines day she would have had to reluctantly respond: “He got me karate lessons”. Although he went with a traditional gift – he likes to color outside the lines…my suggestion for V-day ’09 is nunchucks. She can add that skill to her bow staff skills, computer hacking skills and all the other skills she already has.

His favorite song is smell yo dick.

He has a sweet car. It’s pimp – he likes to impress the 17 yr old girls at Peggoty beach with it. However, when his girlfriend and 3-4 or her quasi-drunk twenty-two to twenty six year old friends/siblings stumble out of/into his pimped out ride after a few too many teas..they mayyy just tarnish his image…yet he kept bringing them back everyyy weekend.

He plays guitar – is rumored to have played bbmak jams in the summer of ’08 (I mean that alone makes him awesome in my eyes – bbmak? priceless.)

He’s got a tatoo or two – can we say “BAMF” together now?

He sweats my alma mater.

He instigates my British alter-ego.

He jokes about dumping my sister. But is far too nice to leave her homeless, carless, and single…she also might out-do him in awesomeness…

He gives out sweet nicknames. He and his college friends nicknamed his girlfriend afer a large, antlered animal often found in vermont – it rhymes with spruce. I was formerly the “mini” of the aboved mentioned animal – not because of my size (again see the dream)but because I am younger. I have now been dubbed “delicious”. Upgrade? Obvi!

Although he’s kind of emo (I’ve been told I misuse that word..)He likes to take sweet emoish pics, listens to songs that aren’t on the top 40 (wtf?), and hates drunk girls (he must haveee to like me..) you can take it or leave it. I guess we’ll take it…my vote is for awesome.

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