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I’m still here…

May 26, 2009

Yes, I’ve been on hiatus. I apologize for any inconvenience. I know you’ve been upset you couldn’t get your daily dose of biting humor and/or sarcastic wit from PopPrincess (pause while a montage of your favorite posts roll through your head – while Babyface’s When Can I See you Again plays in the background…)

Not to toot my own horn, but in some circles, I’ve generated a small following. I have recieved “fan mail” recently with the subject line “Step Child”:

Dear PopPrincess*,

Why have you abandoned me? Have I acted in
Your Blog

Let’s just start by letting you down easy, it’s not you it’s me. Okay don’t worry I’m not dumping you, let’s just say “we were on a break”. Regardless, I’m sure you’ve been worried sick…

Was she hurt?

Is she sick?

Is she no longer single and “over” blogging? (feel free to lol)

Did she get a new website?

Is she worried blogging is hurting her public image? Let’s roll with that for a bit…

Last Friday, a friend texted me “what’s the link to your blog?”. This made me quite nervous. Who was she sharing this with? Why was she talking about my blog in public? What poor group of friends would be subject to probably what only a handful of people find funny?

I had a flash, a premonition if you will (think Pheobe from Charmed) weeks from now I will be at the bar with and someone will be introduced to me and say “Oh yea! you’re that crazy girl with the blog!”.


Okay scratch that, we all know a bud light or six would solve that awkward conversation…Let‘s see…perhaps I’ve been affected by those infommercials warning young girls about the dangers of posting thing on the dreaded interweb.

“Think before you post” they say. I don’t want to end up like Sarah getting hit on by creepy randos...

Okay, I have no shame, if the ticket guy at the movie theatre told me he liked my blog I’d probably give him a high five and ask if I could get a free refill on my fountain soda and maybe a free package of swedish fish if I was feeling lucky, but I digress.

My short-lived hiatus was due to the fact that I’d lost my mojo. I just didn’t have the will to blog, it’s sad but true. But I’m back with about a month’s worth of fun to share so stay tuned. Here are a few highlights to keep you reading: My friend found out is balls were on facebook, How the walk of shame changes after college, Annie Alumni – 1 yr out, Why Am I Single – Part Deux, Lax 4 Life and other thoughts on being a has-been…so be back very soon!