Where Are They Now? SSE Part One

This is not a joke.
Note: As always only names have been changed as well as photographs altered and/or replaced to ‘respect’ the identities of all involved.

My sisters and had several childhood friends/neighbors like most children do. We used to have play-group, go to Halloween parties together, and play flash-light tag or spud (google it if you don’t know that game).

As we grew up, naturally we all took different paths. One became the husband of a soon-to-be dentist that relocated to the mid-west. His sister became a female body-builder that enters contests with her boyfriend. Another, former male ballerina, became an actor that frequently shows up on my favorite crime-shows like CSI, Without a Trace and Cold Case(obvi I immediately grab the phone to alert Moose – I’ve also found there is a YouTube video dedicated to his greatest works). And what about the aspiring meteorologist?Turns out, he ended up a professional tractor trailer driver(First off, he was more of a neighbor than a friend, and secondly I just googled him because I knew somehow, someway he would help add some legitimacy to my Where Are They Now? The South Shore* Edition…thank G for MySpace).

Editor’s Side Note: I am of course referring to South Shore, Proper

So sometimes I think, wow! how crazy is it that we all grow up in the same small town and ended up in such different places when we’re just in our 20’s. Now, as you know, I spend a decent amount of time on the fook/interweb so this is how I get caught up. And low and behold another kid from the good old playgroup showed up in my mini-feed. She was one of our closer friends (unlike the current tractor trailer driver – but I’m not judging). See below:

Yes that’s right the winner gets a boob job.

Upon further investigation:

A) Yes Sean Kingston’s “Fire Burning” Plays when you get to the event website
B) Yes the winner gets a free pair of boobs.
C) Runner up gets free highlights at Shag for a year – SERIOUSLY
D) “All Blondes (real or fake) get in free – wigs allowed!” WOWZA
E) If you don’t win tonight, same thing is happening tomorrow night at Shrine

F) Don’t worry it’s also got it’s own facebook page

Now, I knew our former friend and neighbor worked at a plastic surgeon’s office, and had had quite a bit of surgery herself. But promoting free boobs as your job (if you’re a chick and not a lesbian…) not exactly my cup of tea. So as much as I complain about my j to the o to the b…I think I’ll stick with my current industry for the time being…

So that’s all i have now for Where Are They Now: South Shore Edition Part One. If you have any updates to peeps on the south shore proper, do give me a shout out.

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