Adult Plans

Attention, Attention, is this thing not on???

I’m not sure if you’ve heard me before, but I have quite specific interests: Any and all that apply to a teeny bopper. I listen to the jonas brothers, I watch high school musical, I heart Zac Efron, HSM, Demi Lovato, Jesse McCartneyx2, Miley Cyrus are my top 5 of my most 25 played on iTunes and I even called in to kiss 108 every single day this last month to try to win tickets to the kiss concert (617-931-1108) with no luck, unfortunately.

In addition to my interests my activities are as follows: Crushing bud lights on off my forehead, binge drinking, partaking in dance parties and/or drunken sing-a-longs, and general being misbehaving or seeking out debauchery as often is humanly possible (usually just thursday-saturday, and sometimes tuesdays and sundays…)

What I’m trying to say is through my odd mixture of interests and hobbies you can see that I am not, by any means, mature. I’m like peter pan and the lost boys – if they’d had busch lights in Neverland (and if we’re talking Hook, Rufio totally would have been my boyfriend).

Just this morning, it was more my daily/weekly activities that made me realize how truly un-adult I am. As I desperately tried to find a date for an all day event of drinking (Beer Olympics, of course) I struggled. and struggled. and struggled.

Those I wanted to include had extremly “adult” or “mature” activities on their itins for any and all available weekends throughout the summer.

When I first suggested one date I got the response “sorry, we’ve got a wedding”. The next date I threw out there, but of course, “that’s the bachelor party”. Then a third attempt, with a different person and I got:
“I cant…it’s my friends shower and bachelorette party and my cousins engagement party…and my uncles bday”.
HONESTLY. What is up with all these adult obligations?!? engagement parties, graduation parties, bachelorettes, baby showers, wedding showers, my baby finally got potty trained shower, my dog got fixed so won’t hump your leg anymore shower. It never ends! and it’s truly conflicting with my, “it’s sunny out let’s go to the beach and get drunk” summer philosophy.
Is this it? Can I no longer instigate drinking because it conflicts with all of my friends adult-like obligations?
No, I will take a stand. Those of us who want to remain immature for just wee bit longer are more than welcome to join me. Details for the beer olympics are TBD and suggested events are more than welcome.
In the works I’ve got, blind folded beer tasting, beer duel, beer dunk and toss, beirut, boat race and more. SO if you don’t have to go to your aunt’s I just planted a garden or your cousins I don’t wet the bed anymore party then count yourself in.
Popprincess, OUT.

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