Pay it Forward, Would Ya?

I, like many others, hate the ‘self-promoter’ on facebook that brags about their 5k, 10k or marathon, triathlon, decathlon and bugs you to donate to their cause over and over, and over again.

Example, “I’ve reached my goal of raising $5,000 for [insert cause here] but if each of you just donated another $20 dollars I could double that. Off for another run by the water, 8 minute miles today :)”.

Bottom line, get off my tits you chronic facebook messager. I’m not made of money. The recession ain’t quite over yet sister.

But, I’ve been thinking, there’s a way I can do something, along the same lines, with no cost to you (and no mandatory physical activity for me). I’d technically be providing you a service. And in turn, my blog could ‘really take off’.

Not sure what I’m getting at? Say Whaaat? Gives you you an escape from your day-to-day monotony. Every time you log onto and and read the hogwash that I’ve thrown together, you get a nice little chuckle and then return to the world of your cubicle with the same amount of $ in your wallet (and, quite likely, a little less respect for me).

I can promise to do this daily if you follow the plan. So here it is:

The plan is two fold:

1) It’s based off of Haley Joel Osmont’s idea of ‘Pay it Forward’ (Wikipedia says it was Emerson and Ben Franklin who thought of this first, but do you really trust that site?). Anyhoo…all you have to do is send the link to my blog to 3 others, and ask that they send it on to 3 more people and so on. Eventually, the whole world will be reading my blog (keep in mind, I try to keep my identity anonymous).

Yes, this goes against most of what I stand for, but if you’re here, you like the blog, and if you’re friends with good people, I’d venture a guess that they’d like it too.

2) I will use the ca$h I earn from the blog’s ads and donate most of it to charity (TBD, ideas are welcome). It truly will take a lot of ‘Paying it Forward’ from all of you (considering I have only made $0.55 cents since I began using my ads).
So, I encourage you, when you pass this on (ahem, 3x), to point your friends to some of the highlights from the past 9 months:

My Past Superbowl Experiences, the college years
Why am I Single?
You Want me to take the BUS?
Adult Plans
The True Origin of Say Whaat?

And that’s just to name a few. I’ll also promise some new things like: PopprincessFMLs & Texts from last night , Why am I Single? Wednesdays and more!

So that’s C’mon bookmark it, add it to your favorites, make it your homepage if you wanna get really crazy with me. and don’t forget, send it to your amigos.

C’mon do it.


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