Deep thoughts on working from home…

“Working from Home”, for most people, this means you’re taking your kid to the doctor, or you’re waiting for the cable guy to come, but actually being productive.

But for me, it typically means one of the following:

Never leaving my pj’s and watching crimeshows all the live-long-day. Or in t he summer, maybe going to the beach. Perhaps driving up to Vermont for a long weekend…or digging out my car from a ginormous snow-storm.
Today, it meant waking up, watching Ri-Ri on the today show and then heading to the South Shore Plaza to spend the $100 gift card I got ~ for being such a hard working girl! 😉
My trip to the SSP really got me thinking – what the eff are all these people doing bee-bopping around the mall on a work day?

Are they jobless? and if they are jobless, where are they getting the money to be shopping? I mean, I understand the annoying women I passed sitting at au bon pain holding up the ridiculous baby clothes they bought (with their hard-working hubbies ca$h) and the older women well, they’re obvi retired.

But the rest of the people there boggle my mind… I mean, the school-age children always throw me for a loop because it’s toads not vacation.

And then, I jump on the highway to head home, and what are all these cars doingg? Where are they going and/or coming from? It’s the same thing I think when I hit traffic late at night on say a Wednesday. Why isn’t the whole East coast a sleep?

Anway, time for my mid-day nap, after that if you need me, I’ll be doing squats in my living room to stretch out my new jeans (WAIS…?)…


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